Gain a solid foundation in video editing techniques, from basics to advanced concepts. Learn importing, organizing, and editing footage, applying effects, color correction, audio editing, and working with titles and graphics. Discover techniques for transitions, visual effects, and exporting projects. Dive into advanced editing techniques like multicam editing, keyframing, and motion tracking. Develop the skills to edit videos like a pro and pursue a career in video editing. Enroll now and embark on an exciting journey with Adobe Premiere Pro CC!


Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro CC


What you'll learn

  • Master Adobe Premiere Pro and be CONFIDENT Editing Your Videos
  • How to edit an entire video from beginning to end, using professional and efficient techniques
  • How to export and save your videos for 4K & High-Definition playback
  • How to design professional titles for your videos
  • How to add motion to your titles, photos, and videos by making them more visually interesting
  • How to color correct your video to fix issues with white balance and exposure
  • How to add a feeling to your video with color grading
  • How to edit green screen footage and, add backgrounds that actually look good
  • How to apply visual effects such as stabilizing shaky video, removing grain, and making video more cinematic with overlays
  • By the end of the course, you will have edited your video with the supplied footage (video clips, photos, graphics, music, etc.), or your own footage!


Start editing your video professionally with Adobe Premiere Pro 2022 If you are looking for a video editing application that will allow you to edit videos however you want them, Adobe Premiere Pro is the best answer. Adobe Premiere Pro is used by professionals across the world for every type of production from business & marketing videos, music videos to documentaries, feature films. This full course is the best way to jump right in and start editing. Make videos the way you imagine them! Practice editing while you learn. This course includes practice video files so you can follow along and actually learn by doing. By the end of the course, you'll have edited a 1-minute documentary with the supplied footage. I'll be teaching the course using the Adobe Premiere Pro 2022, but if you have a previous version (Mac or PC), you can still learn to edit like a pro. My Promise to You I will be here for you every step of the way. If you have any questions about the course content or anything related to this topic, you can always post a question in the course or send me a direct message.   What is this Adobe Premiere Pro course all about? In this complete guide to Adobe Premiere Pro video editing course, you'll not only learn all of the editing tools available in Premiere Pro, but also how to edit with the mindset of a professional editor. This course will cover everything you need to know to start video editing, including:
    • Starting a project
    • Editing your videos
    • Adding video and audio transitions
    • Adding professional and modern titles (even some with motion)
    • Improving audio and finding great free music for your projects
    • Correcting and grading the color of your video to give it a great style
    • Adding visual effects to your projects
    • Editing green screen (Chroma key) footage
    • Exporting your video for high-quality playback on any device
    • Advanced editing skills
    • Advanced color grading
    • Advanced efficiency tips
    • So much more!
BONUS: As a bonus, you'll receive supplemental video and audio clips to practice with while I teach you with. By the end of this course, your confidence as a video editor will mount, you’ll have a thorough understanding of how to use Adobe Premiere Pro for fun or as a career opportunity. What Makes This Course Different? My ambition with this course is to take 6 years of my video editing knowledge and experience, and put it in an easy-to-follow course so you can learn in few weeks what has taken the last 6 years to learn. This course is the most comprehensive beginner to advanced editing course where by the end of the course, you'll feel confident editing your own amazing video projects. Who this course is for:
    • You are a complete beginner and want to learn how to use Adobe Premiere Pro and Professional Video Editing
    • You are a video creator (or want to make videos), and are wanting to edit videos with THE BEST video editing application today.
    • You might know how to edit with Final Cut, iMovie, Sony Vegas, Premiere Elements, Camtasia, Screen flow, etc. But you want to transition to editing with Premiere Pro.
    • You are a complete beginner who has never opened Premiere Pro (or have never learned how to use it properly).
    • You have played around with Premiere Pro, but need some help becoming a more efficient editor.

What do you get with this course?

    • 13 Hours of easy-to-watch video lessons.
    • Downloadable Resources.
    • Practical Lessons and Projects.
    • Instructor support if you have any questions or challenges.
    • A certificate of completion will be offered to you at no cost.


What are the course requirements?

    • A Laptop or Desktop.
    • Adobe Premiere Pro CC is provided for FREE!
Will there be a Certificate? Yes! You will be awarded a Certificate at the end of the course. In short, you'll learn it all! Seriously, our goal is to make the most comprehensive Adobe Premiere Pro CC course out there - not filled with fluff, but filled with only the most actionable and latest tips and strategies. We'll be updating this course periodically to make sure we're covering any change with Adobe Premiere Pro


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